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Post by Kailey on Mon Apr 25, 2016 6:37 pm

Welcome to The Poptart Clan Forum! We hope you're enjoying your stay here, and thank you for taking the time to read the rules. You'll probably get bored and skip read them, but to be on the safe side, you really should read them. We will not be lenient.

For the safety and protection of our members, please read the following rules very carefully.

1.) All forum rules must be followed. No exceptions. And that includes forum staff.

2.) No more than one account per person. If you are found having two or more accounts, it will result in all accounts being banned.

3.) Don't abuse the complaints system. The Report button exists so that users can alert us to content that breaks the forum rules i.e. offensive material, not typos and spelling mistakes. If a user repeatedly abuses the complaints button we may suspend their account.

4.) No harassment. Repeatedly posting personal or offensive comments that are abusive, threatening, offensive, obscene, harassing, harmful, inflammatory, racist or otherwise objectionable about individual members of the forum may be considered harassment.

5.) Admins and Moderators reserve the right to edit posts if it does not abide by these rules.

6.) Disrespect of Staff will not be tolerated.

7.) No posting obscene material or pornography.

8.) No inappropriate member names.

9.) No sharing of any passwords and no transferring accounts, giving away or asking for accounts.

10.) Please post an introduction within 7 days of joining so that we can welcome you personally and know that you wish to be a valued member and contributer to our forums.

11.) FOLLOW ALL RULES IN THE PMs AND FORWARD ANY BAD ONES TO STAFF! Private messages are NOT a right. This feature can easily be taken away.

12.) Same thing with the Chatbox, do not abuse it as it can easily be taken away.

13.) No double-posting. If you forgot to add something to your post, you may click the "Edit" button and update it there.

14.) Please do not post in this color blue or red, they are reserved for staff edits.

15.)Members will be warned the first time they break the forum rules. If a second infraction occurs, it will result in a temporary ban of 7 days. If a third incident arises, that member will be permanently banned.

16.) Avatar dimensions: Your avatar's width must not exceed 150x150 pixels.

17.) Advertising for money-related stuff, Spamming the forum, Spam Bots = Immediate ban.

18.) Do Not remove or edit Administrators' or Moderators' edits.

When You Should Report A Topic, Post or PM:

Reporting a topic, post, or PM is a way to let the PTC staff know that there is something we should see.

Some things you should report include:
Someone being rude to you or to someone else.
Someone posting personal information about themselves or others.
Someone talking about hurting themselves or others.
Links to outside sites.

If you aren't sure - report it and let us decide. Better safe than sorry!  Forum Rules 1f44d

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