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Post by wren on Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:40 am

PLEASE make sure you read ALL of these rules before posting anything. Thank you!

1.) You must have staff permission to start a role-play. Please send me a PM before you start the thread. I will tell you if you may start it or not, so you need to wait to hear back.

2.) You may have only one role-play.

3.) No graphic violence is allowed. If wolves are hunting, the descriptions should not be bloody insane. Human characters may have weapons, fight, and kill each other, but don't make it sound so gorey and uncomfortable.

4.) Romantic contact (hugging, kissing, holding hands) is allowed. Keep the details at a minimum when it comes to more intimate stuff as we may have younger members here. Animal characters may have mates and pups/kits:

Fluffy was in lots of pain and had five kits.
But no more description of the event! Fluffy, though, may use medicines in the guide provided to ease stomach cramps.
Nuzzling, snuggling, grooming are all acceptable among wolves, cats, dragons, etc., but it should play a small part in the story.

5.) All content must be appropriate for members as young as age 12. Kidnapping is not appropriate, for instance, because it would scare a young child.

6.) All role-playing must be on the thread. You may not role-play through PMs. You may send an "I replied" PM. You may also send your character form by PM, if the rp owner prefers that. (Check the rules of each rp as some prefer that you post the character form in the rp itself.) Please be sure to indicate that it is a form for that rp, as in "Here is my character form for the Stray rp." (Otherwise people who don't rp get confused and think members are posting personal info, including ages.)

7.) Youtube links are not allowed.

8.) Links to other role play sites are not allowed on role plays or PMs. You may post them in the link section.

9.) Role-plays are not chat threads. Greetings like "Hi, how are you" are fine, but the majority of posts should be role-play.

10.) No fighting among members. If there is a disagreement, please flag the thread. If there are several problem posts, please just flag one.

11.) Do not use this shade of blue or red ink; both are reserved for PTC staff.

12.) When your character speaks, please use quotes. Non-role play comments should be in parentheses--- (hi! want to role-play?)

13.) You may not play other people's characters, even with their permission.

14.) Always use your best grammar and spelling. You don't have to be perfect at either, just please don't be lazy.

15.) No power-playing or godmoding. Powerplaying is when you control other people's characters' actions, decisions, or thoughts. Godmoding is when your character is perfect or invincible.

16.) Thread owners are responsible for flagging any inappropriate content on your thread. If you do not report issues, your role-play may be closed.

17.) If you own a role-play and you are going on vacation, please let me know by PM, so we can discuss whether to close it while you are gone or agree on someone to watch the thread for you.

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