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How To Keep Track Of Your Posts - IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ.

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How To Keep Track Of Your Posts - IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ. Empty How To Keep Track Of Your Posts - IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ.

Post by Kailey on Sat Apr 30, 2016 7:57 pm

After reading [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] you may wonder how we keep track of how many posts you have and how we know you're a positive influence on the forums.

We determine this by the amount of 'PopPoints' you have. PopPoints' numbers go up by how many posts you make, how many topics you start, and how many friends you have.

You get +1 PP each post you make.
You get +3 PP each topic you start.
You get +2 PP for each friend that accepts your friend request.

Now this doesn't mean you go and spam the entire forum of unnecessary posts to get to the next rank. To make sure of this not happening, we've come up with a set of rules you should know and follow(these pertain to becoming a Senior Member and a Valued Member):

1.) You must be a member for 1+ month before filling out the application to be a senior member.

2.) Topics and Posts in the following areas do not count toward your 100:
Contest Section
Graphic Shops
Role Plays
The Livingroom posts (Bedroom posts are allowed)
Name Change Requests

3.) No copying and pasting replies. This counts as spam and your posts will be deleted.

4.) Don't make Easy Replies. Easy Replies are just replies you post when you can't think of anything else to say i.e.
Very Interesting, I don't know, I agree, Hahaha
Please use full sentences and try your best to avoid text speak.

Posts that count:

1.) Welcoming new members. (Not all will count.)
2.) Being helpful. Look around the forums for people who need help. If you know how you can help them, go for it. (this doesn't count in the above topics/posts.)
3.) Being Supportive. The Bedroom section of The Lounge is perfect for this as members vent their bad days or unfortunate events. Help them, support them. It'll help you, and them!
4.) Join in on conversations. (topics/posts above do not count.)

Golden Rule:

DO NOT TREAT SOMEONE YOU WOULDN'T LIKE TO BE TREATED. Rude posts and topics can lead to being temporarily or even permanently banned from the forum.

Being an active member helps us get to know you and thus how friendships are made. Good luck!

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