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Post by Kailey on Sat Apr 30, 2016 7:08 am

There are 7 groups on this forum. This topic will explain what groups they are and how you can be in them.

Administrators: The administrators have (almost) all control of the forum.

Moderators: Simple, they moderate the forum. Delete, move, and lock topics as needed. They also have the power to ban members if it is necessary.

Chatbox Moderators: The Chatbox Moderator looks out for those not following the forum rules in the Chatbox. CBM's have the power to kick, ban and unban a member from the Chatbox. They also are able to clear the chatbox. When the time comes, CBM Applications will be taken and will be considered. We will find the right person for the job by looking at the kind of posts you make and how you get along with everyone in the forum.

Valued Members: Valued Members are members who have reached 1,000+ posts, those posts rarely being negative ones. They are also the well-known members, especially known to be very friendly and helpful to those who need it. They also have access to their very own Staff Room as they help make decisions when it comes to making the forum a better place and is why it is required to fill out an application to be one.

Senior Members: Senior Members are members who have reached 100+ posts and are also very friendly and helpful throughout the community. Senior Members also require an application to be one as it gives access to the "Physical Prizes Contests" section. This section is for contests with physical prizes- meaning it will be sent to you through mail if you win. These contests can be held by staff AND by Senior Members.

Junior Members: Junior members are members with 10+ posts. As a Junior Member, you have the privilege to send Private Messages (PMs) to other members. This helps stop spam messages being sent to everyone else. Make sure your introduction is one of your 10 posts.

Newbies: Simply just newly registered members. You can see when we have a new member by looking at the scrolling announcements at the top of the homepage. Newbies do not have the permission to send PMs until they reach Junior Member Status (10+ posts). Make sure your introduction is one of your 10 posts.

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